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Music, Rhythm, Melody & Harmony are integral aspects of what it means to be human, we are so connected to them all.

Hey, my name is Seb Stone. Kaysien is my artistic vehicle of self expression. I'm a London based mixed race (Black IndoCarribean/White British) Independent Artist/Producer/Musician who has recently completed a 10 part journey told in music/song & illustration. Genre hopping with meaningful lyrics, groove is central to my work.


I play a selection of instruments (on which I am self taught) with my mains being Bass, Piano, Drums & Guitar. I Produce and Mix (again self taught) out of my studio in West London. I've sung backing vocals for acclaimed Producer Guy Chambers and more recently engineered vocals for the new Gerry Rafferty album 'Rest in Blue'. I'm also an entrepreneur having run a moderate recording business which was focused on developing emerging artists.

I'm now working on a new music project which is very much a follow up to the recent 10 part journey, the BC Chronicles told in 3 parts. As a music purist I capture my takes live to better transfer my creative energies from my instruments to my audience which has been growing steadily during this journey.  

As a solo artist I have been lucky to have been approached & secured ongoing support from DJ's on local/community radio stations in the UK which include Soho Radio, Phoenix FM, Hope Radio Birmingham & BBC Lincolnshire. 


I am now actively seeking support from other national and community radio stations.

Kaysien_Raksha artwork.jpg
Kaysien_Come Up!_Artwork.jpg
Kaysien_Universe Artwork_resized.jpg
Kaysien_Push Artwork.jpg
Kaysien_Shine Artwork.jpg
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